The Best Roulette Strategies: The Adapted Martingale System

Does the house always win? Especially in European roulette, the chances of winning some outside bets are almost 50%. Even if the result cannot be influenced, any player with the right strategy can reap winnings, even if he loses more spins than wins. More on this in this post. Here you can implement your roulette strategy.

Martingale System

Why are there actually maximum stakes in roulette? This is due to the Martingale system, which says that after a lost spin you should double your bet so that sooner or later you equalize. An example would be a € 1 spin on red or black and a budget of € 250. In the event of a loss, the stake is doubled to € 2. If you lose it again, it is doubled to € 4 until you win and can equalize. Mathematically, the strategy makessense, provided there are no maximum stakes and you have the necessary change for a long dry spell.

Adapted Martingale System

Profitable Roulette Through Low Stakes 

In order to keep the stakes as low as possible, the adapted Martingale system comes into play. To do this, we divide three spins into one round. We set a goal for each lap. For this example we again have € 1 stake on red or black and a budget of € 250. Our goal for the next round is to increase the budget to € 251. Should we win € 1, € 2 or € 3, we will continue in the same way and set ourselves the goal of earning € 1 in the next round. However, if we lose, we have to double the stake in the next round in order to achieve our goal.

In round 1 the goal of € 251 was reached, so in round 2 the game continues with € 1 as usual. Since we ended Round 1 with a budget of € 251, our new target is € 252. Unfortunately, we couldn’t achieve our goal in round 2, so we left the round with a budget of € 250. In order to reach our goal of € 252, the stake must be doubled in the next round. In round 3 we therefore double the stake to € 2. Since we have already reached our goal of € 252 after the 1st spin, we break off and start a new round with a goal of € 253 and a stake of € 1: The principle of this system is to advance in small steps and only to double the stake in an emergency. If we had also lost round 3, we would have to double the stake again to € 4 in round 4,

Do I Bet On Red Or Black, Even Or Odd In Roulette? 

Should you now bet on red or black, on even or odd? This is up to you, as the Martingale strategy does not and cannot make any statements about the result. From personal experience it makes sense to decide on an outcome (for example black) and follow this decision through the whole game. So you don’t have to make a new decision after every spin and you have your mind free to concentrate on the game.

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